Reviews Practices Associated With Home Improvement Financing

CreditUpdates 3 cardsIt’s becoming increasingly apparent that homeowners have regained a sense of confidence regarding the current strength of the housing market as well as the prospects for its continued growth in the foreseeable future. There are a number of metrics that reflect this trend, but perhaps the most telling among these is the willingness of homeowners to reinvest in the value of their homes by undertaking all kinds of home improvement projects.

According to, several recent studies clearly demonstrate current consumer perception regarding the value of construction projects aimed at home improvement. In addition to the fact that 35 percent of homeowners nationwide reported taking on multiple renovation projects over the course of the past year — a 12 percent increase when compared to the previous year — lenders are also seeing sharp increases in requests to secure financing for these home improvement projects. The fact that homeowners are willing to take on debt in order to complete these diverse construction projects is a strong indication of the perceived health of the real estate market.

While renovation and rehabilitation projects can certainly add value to a home, homeowners should exercise some degree of caution when seeking any kind of financial lending. Adding debt will undoubtedly have an impact on an individual’s credit rating, so it is absolutely critical that consumers remain attentive with regard to their credit score and report and take steps to prevent creating a suboptimal credit utilization ratio.

Consider Long-Term Goals for Custom Construction or Home Improvement Projects

boldleads_reviews_home improvementIt’s incredibly easy to allow one’s emotions to get in the way of rationality when it comes to home improvement plans or a custom construction job, so it is of paramount importance for homeowners to take a step back and try to reflect on the project they are considering with some degree of objectivity. Homeowners who purchased a property as a long-term investment should take a moment to think about whether the project they are about to undertake represents a cost-efficient strategy for enhancing the overall value of the home.

When a company like BoldLeads reviews real estate properties available on the market, there are a number of evaluative measures used to estimate the overall value of the home. Those measures are very likely to include an analysis of the property’s desirability amongst prospective homebuyers, which is why it is so critical that a construction or home improvement project is evaluated in terms of the long-term value it is able to add to the home. Of course, the calculus for a homeowner who has no desire to ever sell the home will be quite different, so each homeowner must recognize the need to consider their individual goals over a long period of time when making home improvements or adding construction.


Ralph Slaske – Toledo Custom Home Builder

Building A New Home in and Around Toledo Ohio

Toledo, Ohio is said by Wikipedia to be the fourth largest city in Ohio. Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati are larger by comparison. The US Census in 2014 estimate the population of Toledo to be about 281,000. Observers note that overall, real estate in the recent past is experiencing a rebound but not a boom post great recession.

In August 2014, “The Toledo Blade” newspaper reported building permits for new single family homes in the greater Toledo area rose from 276 in 2011 to 500 homes in the past year. Reasons cited include low interest rates, consumer confidence, and the rising price of existing homes being sold. This is believed to make new construction a viable choice for many consumers. Meantime, a report from the Associated General Contractors of America cited 11 percent increase in commercial construction in the greater Toledo area from May 2014 to May 2015. Much of this is related to bridge and highway projects.

As commercial and residential construction experience rebound, Slaske Builders, headed by Ralph Slaske, remains the noted Graduate Master Builder in northwest Ohio. The company offers high quality service at affordable prices. Use of superb products along with building expertise and craftsmanship, go a long way to ease the strain in the building process. Whether the new home construction is for an energy efficient green home, or semi single family dwelling, Slaske Building Company are well qualified to see your project through from start to completion. Business hours and more information are available at the above link.

Should You Seek Out Professional Opinions Before Undertaking a Remodeling or Renovation Project?

Remodeling and renovation jobs can be quite complex from beginning to end, and even the most straightforward and seemingly simple projects can quickly become complicated due to some unexpected or unforeseen circumstance. Issues can crop up at any point, as demolition will sometimes reveal a hidden structural problem and installation may reveal the need for far more materials than initially calculated. Professionals understand how to plan for a variety of different scenarios and develop contingency plans, which is why homeowners and DIYers should consider consulting a professional before undertaking any remodeling or renovation project.

A good facility maintenance company such as 1 stop maintenance reviews all of the potential problems that may arise and then plans accordingly, ensuring the smooth completion of a project even under circumstances that would cause others duress. For a corporate or commercial facility, working with a company like 1 stop maintenance is a great option, but homeowners who are considering a remodeling or renovation project of their own are far more likely to make an attempt to go without any sort of professional assistance.

It is certainly true that many homeowners have prior experience in construction, carpentry or another field that has endowed them with the skill set necessary to take on a remodeling or renovation project without any outside assistance, but those who have not had this kind of experience are just as likely to take on a fairly sizable project despite a relative lack of experience.

It is not necessarily the case that homeowners should avoid taking on these kinds of projects, but they should at least consider consulting a professional beforehand. If a commercial facility that is always focused on the bottom line recognizes that professional assistance from one stop maintenance is the most cost-effective option, then it is fair to assume that in many circumstances homeowners can benefit from outside assistance as well.

To be clear, professional contractors are not in the business of providing free advice, so homeowners should not take advantage of any free consultation unless they make their intentions absolutely clear. A contractor may still be willing to offer assistance knowing that doing so will establish a relationship that leads to work in the future, or they may simply request to be appropriately compensated for the consultation. In either case, the homeowner benefits from the perspective of a professional and can take a course of action that plans for circumstances they may not have previously considered.

Ralph Slaske Taught Me All I Know About Construction

I don’t believe I’d told many people this and I know for sure I never mentioned it on my blog, but I didn’t always know about construction and I haven’t always had a construction company. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know anything about construction. If you had asked me 17 years ago, before I had my company, what went into building a home, I couldn’t tell you.

I owe credit of everything I know about business, running a construction business and construction to Ralph Slaske of Slaske Builders in Ohio. 17 years ago, I worked for Mr. Slaske and he’s a darn good man if I say so myself. Slaske Builders is, as well, a fine company to work for and if I could do it all again, I would work for Slakse Builders again.

Slaske Builders is where I got my start as a construction businessman. Now, let me be clear. I’m not living in Ohio anymore, so before you say, “Why do you praise Ralph Slaske so much but compete against him for business?” I got out of Slaske Builders years ago when I had moved to Texas for my family. While in Texas, I started my own setup and everything Ralph Slaske taught me over the many years of being with him has made me the successful man I am today.

The thing I liked most about working with Slaske Builders is what many people who work in a business consider the hardest part of the job: The people. The people were always the best part of the job because Ralph always made sure we built our relationships with them before we built their homes. That was the easy part! I’d rather build relationships all day than build a house. Are you serious? We got to talk to the people, laugh with them, draw up floor plans with them and learn what their dreams of a house were. Then we went to work.

Those were the best days.

Home Improvement Does Not Always Have to Be About Enhancing Property Value

When most people discuss home improvement projects, the conversation ultimately turns to how the project will impact property value. The choice of materials and the allocation of funds toward a specific project is often based on what will yield the greatest potential return, and there is certainly good reason for that being the case. There are countless other reasons, however, that the financial return should not be the prime concern.

According to Blu By The Sea, the narrow focus on improving property values overlooks some very important issues that are absolutely deserving of serious consideration. While projects that could reduce property value should probably be avoided, there are many reasons homeowners should look into certain projects even if they only generate a minor return on investment.

Most homeowners look at their property as an investment, but the majority of these homeowners consider it a long-term investment that will pay off after many years of living in the home. These homeowners are clearly not looking to flip their house shortly after making the purchase, so the home improvement projects they select should not just be based on the immediate return on investment.

In many cases, the home improvement projects that yield the greatest potential return are not practical. A family with young children and pets may not want to invest in hardwood floors knowing that the wood will be routinely scratched by playful puppies and destructive toddlers. Instead, homeowners should focus on projects that will immediately improve their quality of life. Raised garden beds, for example, do not yield an impressive return on investment when a house is put on the market, but having a backyard garden can deliver untold benefits for a family over the course of decades. Reduced grocery bills and a source of fresh fruits and vegetables are not the only positives, as kids will also have an opportunity to learn the value of working with nature.

House, I Did It My Way

I had a house built to plans I had drawn by an architect.  Boy was I in for a big surprise.  I roughly drew the prefect home on scratch paper and went to the architectuntitled (167) untitled (166) He corrected all my out of code dimensions and provided me blue prints to have contractors bid on.  Every builder wanted to change what I wanted but I stuck to my guns because if the bid for different then How could I judge who was cheapest.  I finally decided to go with a builder that I knew from school.  The home was built to my drawings and turned out fine.  Tim DeCapua is a good guy to discuss homes with.

Home Improvement Help

I know that the latest craze when it comes to home improvement is to do it yourself but lets get real.  The work always looks easier than the Youtube video shows. untitled (96) untitled (95) You decide to take up that old wood flooring only to discover that it is glued down.  It takes days of hard labor to just get the boards up then you have to deal with the glue.  The hard glue makes the surface uneven and needs to be removed.  Good luck as these glues are designed to be water proof and chemicals are no help.  A scraper is the only way.  Createurs De Luxe knows all too well that do it yourself is a bad way to go.

Home Renovation

untitled (15) untitled (14)Home renovation can really put a strain on a family.  If the kitchen is tore up and not usable the family will suffer the loss.  If you can do without a bathroom in your home you are in the minority.  Working on a bathroom can be particularly difficult.  Many failed projects caused by the family displacement are common.  If you can get a project done quickly with minimal disruption to the family then go ahead.  If you are going to tear down the kitchen for a major rebuild you may want to seek help.  Luke Weil will be a good source of help if you need it on your project.

Construction Obstruction

untitled (303) untitled (302)There are many obstructions to you completing your construction that you need to be dealt with.  Permits and fees can be much more difficult than anticipated.  If you are trying to do it yourself these obstacles can be daunting.  A well established contractor will have relationships at the planning office and will be able to navigate these problems better.  The city planners will cut him more slack as they are familiar with his work.  You will be an unknown and they will have to watch what you are doing closer.  That is one of the many advantages of using an experienced contractor.  Joe Olujic likes a challenge and will push forward on his own.